History/Timeline Highlights

Where Hope is BornUnique moments in time that define 125 years of creating hope.

1887  Founded in Fort Worth, Texas
1927  Edna Gladney was named Superintendent of the Texas Children's Home.
1936  Edna Gladney successfully fought to pass a bill in the Texas legislature. It made Texas the first state in the Southwest to legally remove the stigma of illegitimacy from birth records.
1941  The movie "Blossoms in the Dust" starring Greer Garson highlighted the accomplishments of Edna Gladney.
1951  Edna Gladney successfully argued that adopted children should have the same inheritance rights as biological children.
1950  In honor of her decades of service, the Board of Directors renamed the agency The Edna Gladney Home.
1952  The Houston Auxiliary, the first support group of Gladney volunteers, formed in 1952. Today, there are 16 auxiliaries operating around the country.
1960  Mrs. Gladney retired in April, 1960 at the age of 74.
1961  Edna Gladney died from complications from diabetes on Oct. 2, 1961.
1963  Ruby Lee Piester joined the staff as director of social services in 1960. In 1963 she was named executive director, a position she would hold for more than 20 years.
1970  The Fort Worth Independent School District first opened a branch on Gladney's campus. Prior to that, education for birth mothers was provided by tutors.
1976  Gladney introduced its 1-800-crisis pregnancy hotline. It was thought to be the first such hotline in the country.
1980  Gladney became a charter member of the National Council for Adoption (NCFA), which was organized to promote agency adoptions
1983  The Texas Legislature enacted its Voluntary Registry Law. The Gladney Center created its own Voluntary Registry at that time, in accordance with Texas law. Gladney also operates a Sibling Registry for adopted persons born to the same birth mother or birth father.
1987  The agency celebrated its Centennial with former First Lady Barbara Bush, a Gladney grandparent, as special guest.
1987  Gladney began operating with an assumed name certificate as The Edna Gladney Center. In 1991, the Board officially renamed the agency The Gladney Center.
1992  Gladney's current international adoption program began in 1992. Today, Gladney maintains programs in Bulgaria, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Honduras, Philippines and Taiwan. 
1992  The Gladney Fund was created as a separate not-for-profit organization devoted to raising funds to support The Gladney Center.
1995  Gladney went on-line in December 1995. Gladney's home page address is www.gladney.org.
1997  Former President George Bush joined families as they celebrated Gladney's 110th Anniversary and Homecoming in October 1997.
1999  Gladney launched national advertising campaign and created new logo.
2000  Adoptive parent profiles available on line for immediate viewing by birthmothers.
2002  Gladney opens its doors to a new campus and celebrates 115 years of creating bright futures through adoption.
2007  Frank Garrott joins Gladney as CEO and Gladney celebrates 120 years of family for life.
2012  125th Anniversary. Gladney Center for Adoption. Where Hope is Born.  Register for 125th Anniversary Weekend Celebration.



Gladney Center for Adoption
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Headquarters: 817-922-6000   Pregnant?: 1-800-GLADNEY
International Adoptions: 1-800-INT-ADOP
Domestic Adoptions: 1-800-687-3097
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