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Gladney's adoptive parents who have created their families through our Domestic Infant Program have such wonderful stories to share!

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Arlas & Michael's Adoption Story


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Adoption Story:

With our first adoption, we went to orientation in July of 2006 and got all of the application process complete by that October. We honestly did not expect to hear anything for many months after that, because at the time, our caseworker was quoting an average of a 9 month wait. Well, we were thrilled to get a call the week after Thanksgiving and were officially matched a few weeks after. Our son was born on Jan 4, 2007. Pretty cool, right? We only waited 6 months from start to finish. Our son's birth mom was the only birth mom that we spoke to during that process. We had an instant connection with her and it was practically "story book". Our initial post-adoption plan was to remain "semi-open". We were comfortable sharing our first names and tthe state we lived in, but didn't think we would ever do more than send letters and photos. Well, surprise! :) As our relationship with our son's birth mother and her family has grown, we are completely open now! We visit with them in person on an annual basis and even invited to them to our house this past summer. It's wonderful for my husband and I to have such a strong connection with her and will be a gift to our son one day, as well. He just turned 4 and is starting to ask the questions about when he was born and we have been completely open with him about his story. Looking back, we are still surprised that we can be this way, but give all the credit to Gladney for preparing us for the "what if". Through continual support and education, the Gladney staff has educated us and continues to provide us the tools to make the right plan that fits for our family.

With our second adoption, our wait was a little longer. Gladney advised us that the second adoption often takes a little longer, but that was ok with us. We were comfortable with the system and gave 100% of our trust to the agency. They quoted a 9-18 month wait time on average, so we applied as soon as they would allow us, which was when our son turned 9 months. We were prepared to wait. This time we got close twice, but things didn't work out for various reasons. The most important thing for me to share, is that even though our second time through was not as "story book" as I have described above, the good folks at Gladney were there for us again 100%. They provided us sound advice and supported us through decision making that we were a little unsure to do on our own. Our daughter was born in 2009-the very day we learned of her birth mom's situation. This time around the call we got was not, "We have a birth mom that would like to talk with you," but more like, "there was a baby born this morning and her birth mom has chosen you....can you be here tomorrow?". WOW! And so my husband and I got into the car and starting driving with only a baby seat and a diaper bag. We truly feel like she is our "stork baby". Because of our openness with our son's birth mom, we are pursuing the same type of relationship with our daughter's birth mom and her family.

I love that each experience was different. I can look back on those years of waiting and know that God very much had his hand in the placing each our of children perfectly where they are meant to be.

Our Story

We went through the infertility process for a year and a half. We were given the news the day before Mother’s Day 2005 that we would never be able to have children. We decided to adopt and attended the ABC orientation at Gladney in July 2005. Raquel McFadden was an excellent caseworker who kept us informed throughout the process. We were so excited we had all our paperwork in by the next week. By Halloween 2005, we had completed the social study and paperwork completed. We next tackled the scrapbook, which the birth mother uses to choose parents, by December. We spoke over the phone to two other birth mothers, both of whom decided to raise their children. By February 2006, we were contacted by another birth mom and made plans to meet for dinner with our caseworkers on February 13th. She called on the 12th with good and bad news. She would be unable to meet us for dinner and we had a healthy baby girl! This was exactly nine months after we were told we would never be able to have children. We met our birth mom, who is our hero, in the hospital on the 13th with our caseworkers. Our birth mom was able to place our little girl for adoption on Valentine’s Day February 14, 2006. We spoke to our birthmom daily, took her out to dinner, and were given lots of baby goodies from her birth family during that week. Our birthmom was able to have two hours a day to spend with our little girl and by the end of the week we were invited to meet Miss Kaylene Faith. On the twelfth day of her life, we brought home our precious baby girl after a whirlwind week of showers and preparation. Although I feared being able to bond with an adopted child, what circumstances would come, and all kind of other thoughts, I have never regretted for one moment the choice to adopt and the sacrifice our birth mother made. Our little girl is now 2 and we have frequent contact by mail with her maternal birth grandparents and her birth mom. Kaylene loves receiving the big packages for every holiday and birthday. We look forward to sharing more about their sacrifice as Kaylene grows and are thankful for their willingness for all of us to shower Kaylene with our love.
- Jacob, Rhonda, and Kaylene

Mike & Monica's Adoption Story:
"We found Gladney after our previous agency shut down due to the recession.  Gladney came up as very experienced and financially stable.  We called Gladney originally about international adoption but learned that domestic adoption was just as good an option for us, if not better, once our misconceptions were corrected." Read the full adoption story.
We want to make it easy for you to share your stories with us and with other families who are going through this process. If you recently adopted from the Domestic Infant program and would like to share your photos and stories, here are some story starters:

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  • We chose Gladney because . . .
  • Our adoption journey . . .
  • Our roller coaster ride . . .
  • Not knowing what to expect . . .
  • Gladney helped us . . .
  • The trip home . . .

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