Colombia Adoption FAQ

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Questions and Answers

Q: Does the Colombian government allow exceptions regarding parents' ages if they are Colombian-American over 40 who want to adopt a younger child or younger sibling group?
A: Unfortunately, they do not. There are many sibling groups waiting for forever homes and one of the siblings could be younger. But expect one of the siblings to be 6 years or older.

Q: We have two adopted children; one from Colombia. Are we still permitted to adopt from Colombia?
A: Yes, you are still eligible to adopt from Colombia as long as you meet all the other prospective parent criteria.

Q: Is being a member of the military going to effect whether or not we are eligible to adopt? 

A: Being in the military does not effect the adoption.

Q: How strict are they about the age requirements?
A: We have not seen Colombia make any exceptions to their guidelines.

Q: On average what is the total cost of an adoption from Colombia?
A: For Colombia, the fees depend on whether or not the child is placed from a private orphanage or a government run orphanage. The total adoption fees, excluding travel, can vary between $25,000 from a government orphanage and $30,000 from a private orphanage.

Q: On average, how long is the total process for Colombia adoptions?
A: Families should expect about a 18 month to 5 year process for Colombia.


Q: I have heard recently that all infant babies were going to Colombian families - can an American family that has already been approved for adoption from Colombia get an infant (or at least 6 months old?)?
A: Colombian nationals receive priority. However, American families approved prior to July 15, 2013 can still adopt an infant 0-35 months of age. 

Q: Is it safe to travel to Colombia? I have seen some travel warnings online. What about traveling with other children?
A: There are travel warnings for U.S. Citizens traveling anywhere in the world. You must always be aware of your surroundings. However, you are escorted by a Gladney in-country representative while in the foreign country.

Q: Once you are referred a child - how long before you go to Colombia to get your child?
A: Typically, a family will travel to Colombia about 6-8 weeks after accepting the referral of a child. Families spend approximately 5-8 weeks in Colombia.

Q: How common is it for intercultural adoption? 

A: Very common. There are approximately 20,000 children adopted from foreign countries every year by U.S. Citizens.



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