Colombia Children Available for Adoption

Gladney is accepting applications for Colombian couples interested in adopting a child(ren). Colombia's Central Authority, ICBF; has age categories of children that adoptive parents must be open to. The youngest category is a child 0-59 months. The wait time for referrals for this age range of children is up to 24 months after dossier approval.

Children between the ages of 5 to 7 years can also be adopted by Colombian families. The wait time is also up to 12 months after dossier approval.

SIBLING GROUPS: Sibling groups are available for adoption by American couples as well as Colombian nationals.  The referral wait time varies from 3-24 months depending on number of children in the sibling group as well as their age.  There are no additional fees for siblings.
IMMEDIATE PLACEMENT: ICBF has created a category of children for immediate placement, meaning currently referrals could be presented to families within 3-6 months after dossier approval; both through ICBF or private institutions

Children in this category:

-          Individual child 8 years or over.
-          Siblings group of two children in which one is 8 years or over.
-          Siblings groups of three or more children of any age.
-          Children with special medical needs of any age.

ETHNIC GROUPS: Children from a variety of ethnic groups are available due to Colombia's rich, cultural heritage. These groups are made up of:

  • Latino-Colombian
  • African-Colombian
  • European-Colombian

To learn more about adopting from Colombia, please request one of Gladney's free, comprehensive Adoption Information Packets. Make your request on-line or by calling 1-800-INT-ADOP.

Gladney remains committed to helping children and adoptive parents create bright futures through adoption.


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