Taiwan Adoption Travel Requirements

When you travel to Taiwan, you are not only able to complete your child’s adoption but are able to experience the beauty of Taiwan as well as the culture and history of your child’s country of birth! Families will be provided with a manual to assist in the travel arrangements. Our staff is dedicated to helping ensure that you have a safe and well planned trip.

It is required by the courts and foundations that both parents travel to pick up their child. Some families may also be required to make an extra trip to attend a court hearing.

The last step of the adoption process is signing paperwork to allow the child welfare foundation to file the household registration documentation.  This filing takes place after your family has physically seen and visited with your child. On this same day, you will meet with the child welfare foundation adoption caseworker, meet the foster mother, and perhaps meet your child’s birth mother and/or birth family. In the following days, you will complete the necessary U.S. immigration documentation and receive your child’s U.S. visa. The issuing of the visa by the AIT (American Institute in Taiwan) is the last legal step of the adoption process in Taiwan. Your family is now free to leave Taiwan and return to the United States.

A family’s typical adoption journey to Taiwan will be approximately 7 days in length. Families adopting older children may stay in country a few extra days for bonding and attachment. You will arrive in Taipei on a Saturday or Sunday. Typically you will have one or two days to rest and relax before picking up your child. The next few days will be spent caring for your child and touring the cultural and historical sites in the greater Taipei area. Your family’s AIT appointment will be set by the child welfare foundation. Once you pick up your child’s visa you are able to fly home with your child.

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