Taiwan Children Available for Adoption

Gladney works with two government-licensed child welfare foundations in Taiwan. Gladney's Taiwan program is able to offer adoption opportunities to families desiring to adopt a toddler or school-aged child. Children become available for adoption if a birth mother decides to relinquish her rights to a child or if a child is referred by the social service department of a local county government.

  • The youngest children are approximately 3 to 5 years old
  • Boys and girls
  • Older children ages 6 and older and sibling groups up to the age of 12 years

Asia Waiting Children Program

Gladney's desire is to place older children as well as children with special medical needs and circumstances with loving forever families. Children with unique needs are often placed more quickly. Waiting Children in Taiwan include those who are over five years of age or are a part of a larger sibling group. Other Waiting Children are younger, with developmental, emotional or medical conditions of varying degrees of severity. Waiting Children range in age from toddlers to 12 years of age. For more information on adopting a Waiting Child please visit Gladney's A Child To Love Website.

Mary Chapman, Asia Programs Caseworker, is available to speak to you about the specifics of Gladney’s Waiting Children Program in Taiwan! Email her today at mary.chapman@gladney.org!

Gladney remains committed to helping children and adoptive parents create bright futures through adoption. To learn more about adopting from Taiwan, please request one of Gladney's free, comprehensive Adoption Information Packets. Make your request on-line or by calling 1-800-INT-ADOP.


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