Taiwan Country & Culture

Taiwan, also know as Formosa, or "beautiful island," is the largest island of the Republic of China.  The island country of Taiwan R.O.C. is around the size of Maryland and Delaware combined. It is 244 miles long and 89 miles wide.  Taiwan is the second densely populated nation with over 625 people per square kilometer. While Taiwan is a small island, it houses a world of contrasts and a mix of cultural influences unlike anywhere on the planet.

Taiwan boasts of a rich blend of culture and history with the influence and past rule of the Dutch, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese. The establishment of Taiwan R.O.C. (Republic of China) developed out of uprisings against the Qing on October 10, 1911. Today, this day is celebrated as Double Ten Day or National Day in Taiwan. The Republic of China was formally established on January 1, 1912.  

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