Blog: June 2013

What a difference a family makes: before and after video


This video was put together by an adoptive mom, Erin, with before and after pictures of kids adopted from Shanghai. As our team said "You can see how these kiddos change with the love of a forever family - look at their eyes. They are loved and happy." Keep up with our Superkids Team in China right now by following their blog Superkids Charity.

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Gladney Teen Service Trip


Teen Service Trip

to Bogota, Colombia

Nothing opens the eyes and heart of an American Gladney Baby like the eyes and heart of an orphaned child in a foreign land.

Last year, 22 Gladney teens, led by Frank Garrott, Scott Brown and members of International and Post Adoption Services, spent four days at the San Maurizio Orphanage in Colombia.Gladney Teen Service Trip

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Gladney Licensed to Complete Foster-to-Adopt Placements


Low Legal Risk Placement

Gladney is licensed to complete Foster-to-Adopt (FTA) placements. This may provide you with expanded opportunities for adopting younger children, but you have to be willing to take a risk. Gladney will not complete this type of placement if we think there is any chance it will not lead to finalization.

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Adoption Stories by Gladney - I Am A Gladney Mom!


I Am A Gladney Baby!Our path to parenthood was challenging and non-typical, like many families who come to Gladney. Doctors gave us options; friends and family tried to help find potential adoptive children, but it all ended in heartbreak and frustration. Then we stumbled upon Gladney, which was down the street from our house.

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Summer Time Fun for the Family!


Joy Barnes, Gladney's New Beginnings Outreach staff, recently put together a list of fun things to do with your children this summer.  Some of the suggestions include:

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Thoughts on International and Foster Care Adoption


Frank Garrott, Gladney President and Adoptive Dad, recently shared his thoughts on international and foster care adoption on his blog, What Really Matters.  Weigh in with your opinion by comment on his post.

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SuperKids Returning to China


Superkids is preparing to return to China this month!  The Superkids team will be visiting six orphanages in three provinces. We will visit Shanghai Children's Home, four orphanages in the Jiangxi province and one orphanage in the Hunan province. The team will evaluate children to assist them in finding adoptive families and work with children who may not be adopted so that we can improve their quality of life. We will also train caregivers and rehabilitation staff to increase the skill of their therapeutic interactions with all children they care for.

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