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Gladney Baby Gives Back



At Gladney we love hearing what our Gladney Babies are up to. It’s always great to see how they’re doing throughout their different stages of life. Recently  one of our adoptees, Alicia Taylor, started her own business, SPoT oN, and has given a generous portion of her proceeds to Gladney! 

Taylor’s mom, who passed away in 2001, always encouraged her daughter to embrace who she was and set goals. With her encouragement, Alicia started SPoT oN in 2009 and wanted to donate a portion of her proceeds to Gladney, an organization her mother loved dearly. Alicia created a custom t-shirt, the ADOPT-A-SPoT t-shirt, just for us and has graciously volunteered to donate ALL the proceeds to Gladney in honor of her mother! 

Alicia believes that ADOPT-A-SPoT t-shirts can make a difference one adoption at a time! Alicia has teamed up with Gladney on Facebook to help raise awareness about adoption. We hope that others will see adoption isn’t just for newborns, but all children who need loving homes, or SPoTs, per se. 

You can purchase an ADOPT-A-SPoT t-shirt today or donate direclty to Gladney online.

We'd love to hear your story on how you are raising awareness of adoption and support Gladney's mission.  Please email your story to




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