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Kai - A Gladney Brother

A Gladney BrotherWe were a happy family of four with a 7-year-old son adopted domestically at birth and a 4-year-old daughter adopted from Taiwan. One morning, I checked my email after walking the kids to school and received the following message: “Your daughter’s birth mother had another child and was wondering if you would be interested in adopting him. He is a healthy baby boy.”

SURPRISE!! Although we hadn’t planned to adopt again, we felt honored to have the opportunity and so excited about returning to Taiwan, where we had felt so welcomed and comfortable on our first adoption trip there.

We started working with Gladney to compile our necessary paperwork (quite a feat, considering we didn’t have a home study or any paperwork prepared), and I made our “surprise third adoption” my new full-time job.

During our wait, we received photo, video and medical updates each month. The wait to travel is never easy, and we all waited impatiently for news. In the end, the timing worked out perfectly.

Kai adjusted to us so quickly and seemed greatly entertained and amused by his brother and sister from day one. He has been home for two years now, and he is a delightful little guy who seems to genuinely love making people feel happy. We are so happy that Kai joined our family and can’t imagine life any other way!



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