August 3, 2016 – Update -- The CCCWA Shared List Project


During the month of July 2016, the China Centre for Children’s Welfare & Adoption (CCCWA) assigned children’s profiles that had been on the Shared List to Gladney Center for Adoption along with a few other U.S. adoption agencies. 

Gladney Center for Adoption is currently reviewing the child profiles assigned to our agency in order to outreach further for prospective adoptive families for these children.  Gladney Center will primarily use to post summary information about the children so that parents interested in adopting a waiting child with a medical need from China can also consider being a family for these adoptable children.

Every day Gladney is uploading adoptable children formerly on the CCCWA shared list to  We encourage prospective families and our colleagues at other agencies to visit to learn about these children. 

More Information

Families and adoption agencies have had many questions about the CCCWA’s decision to assign children from the ‘shared list’ to Gladney Center and three other U.S. adoption agencies.   Gladney would like to use this space in the upcoming weeks to summarize this new initiative and provide basic information about what we are doing to be part of this effort to find qualified adoptive homes for the children formerly on the shared list.

About the Children From the ‘Shared List’

Based on unofficial estimates, over the past several years, there have been approximately 2500 – 3,000 children on the CCCWA ‘shared list’ at any given time.   The majority of the children on the list have been there for years.  Each year, some of the children’s profiles are taken down as they turn 14 years of age and become ineligible for international adoption.

Each year we notice the CCCWA taking proactive approaches to find families for children from the shared list. These approaches have included:  the “One-to-One Partnership Program”, “Journey of Hope”, “Advocacy Camps”, “Overseas Summer/ Winter Camps”.  There have been other initiatives as well.  These programs have helped in finding qualified families for some of the thousands of children who have significant medical needs, but has not noticeably shortened the shared list.

A large number of children, many of whom have the most severe needs, still remain on the shared list waiting for families.  This is unfortunately the case, even after these children have been selected as participants in some of the other CCCWA initiatives.

Most of the thousands of children from the shared list have significant medical needs, but they deserve to be visible – they deserve the chance for more prospective adoptive families to know that they too need a family.  Just like any other child.

Limited Chances for These Children Who Have Been on the Shared List for Years

What limited the chances of adoption into a family for these children from the shared list?  There are two primary reasons:  First, their file information was outdated; and second, since the shared list can only be accessed by adoption agency staff, there was a limitation on prospective parents being able to learn about many of the children. 

With regards to outdated information – Since many of the children’s profiles have been on the shared list for years, a medical and developmental update is necessary for families to make an informed and responsible decision about their ability to meet the needs of any specific child.  However, obtaining an update is not always an easy thing. It can take weeks and months, and its availability is not guaranteed.   In terms of limited access by prospective adoptive parents to the shared list, parents must rely on adoption agency staff to assess the list.   Agency personnel’s time constraints due to overall job responsibilities can often determine how thoroughly the list will be searched. When agency personnel review a child’s file on the shared list, several other factors work to inadvertently screen out shared list children from presentation to families – individual judgment, old information, limited knowledge of medical issues, can all cause agency personnel to pass over a file on the shared list.   

Coming Next:  Child profiles formerly on the shared list - Access to files by adoption agencies



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