August 9, 2016 – Update -- The CCCWA Shared List Project -- Accessing Child Files

CCCWA Shared ListOver the past few weeks, Gladney has been reviewing the child profiles assigned to our agency by the CCCWA and organizing the information into a brief summary.  The summary and photos are then posted to  If an adoption agency or family sees a summary of a child they may be interested in learning more about - the official CCCWA file assigned to Gladney Center can then be requested from Gladney and reviewed.  This allows adoption agencies and prospective adoptive parents to access files of adoptable children in China that have gone overlooked in the past.

To date we have completed the posting of 180 child summaries!  We are thrilled with this progress and thankful for our team who is working rapidly to review and summarize all files assigned to Gladney Center.

Adoption agencies that were not one of the four agencies to be assigned the shared list profiles have been asking whether there will be a willingness of Gladney Center (and the other three agencies) to share the profiles for matching with families working with other adoption agencies.  Gladney Center’s intention is to share these profiles widely with both inquiring agencies and prospective adoptive families.  To achieve this, we have made it our priority to work our way through all profiles on our list timely and get child summaries onto  We feel this is the most transparent and efficient way to make these children “visible” to the adoption community.  This way adoption agency staff, advocates, and prospective adoptive parents can all start thinking about these children.  Yes, some of the information is very old – years old, some children’s files are over 8 years old without updated pictures or information.  Other files have much more recent information.  Regardless, Gladney Center feels strongly that increasing the viewability of these files will result in a much higher rate of successful adoptions.  Yes – for many of the children, updates need to be obtained before a final decision about adoption can be made – but we want to start sharing the existing files as soon as we can. 

Gladney Center is posting each child assigned to our agency on under a unique number and advocacy name.  These numbers are prefaced with a letter G (e.g., G100).    Adoption agency staff that see a child summary on that is identified as a child formerly on the shared list and assigned to Gladney Center can request to view the file by providing the unique G-number/advocacy name.  We are able to share CCCWA profiles of former shared list children with Hague accredited adoption agencies.  Agencies can then share profiles with their families under their own systems and practices already in place to protect the privacy of the children's information.  The decision of a family to move forward and petition the CCCWA for "preliminary approval" to be matched can be communicated directly by the adoption agency representing the prospective adoptive family to the CCCWA. 

Coming Next:  Fall 2016 Superkids Trips to China

August 3, 2016 – Update -- The CCCWA Shared List Project

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