Gladney Fights for the Protection of Vulnerable Children and Renounces Unregulated Re-homing



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Gladney Fights for the Protection of Vulnerable Children and Renounces

Unregulated Re-homing

Fort Worth, Texas- The Gladney Center for Adoption was saddened and sickened  by the investigative reports featured by Reuters and NBC news that detailed the practice called “re-homing” of children by their adoptive parents ­when there is no investigation and preparation of the potential new family.  This story chronicles the desperate actions of adoptive parents who turn to the internet or social media to find new homes for the children they previously adopted.  The Gladney Center for Adoption, as well as the entire adoption community, have renounced this activity.    Gladney shares in the shock and concern over the damage these actions cause our most vulnerable children. 

Adoption is governed by a very strict code of ethics, and the compass that guides every decision is “what is in the best interest of the child.” Adoption should be child-centered, focused on finding the best families for children, and not the reverse.  While these kinds of stories are few in number, they still number too many.  

Gladney recognizes the complexity of adoption, and has created programs and services that address the needs of children, adoptive parents and birthparents.  It is vital that adoptive parents receive education and counseling, both pre and post adoption.  Sadly, even with preparation and counseling, not all adoptions are successful, sometimes leading to the disruption or dissolution of the adoption.  This decision should be made in partnership between the family and a licensed professional and adoption agency.  It is viewed as a last resort, and the process should be handled by experts, who are focused on the physical and emotional needs of each child involved, as well as understanding of the needs of each adult involved with the child.  The decision to disrupt is heartbreaking, but sometimes necessary if the adoptive parents are not able to meet the child’s needs.   The parents who make this difficult decision are trying to be responsible, and truly want what is best for the child.   It is important that the needs of the child and the new family continue to be evaluated and addressed to assure the safest and best outcome for the child.

Adoption policies and regulations are constantly evolving to keep pace with human fallacy and emerging technology.  The Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption is a great example of policy trying to provide greater protection for vulnerable children who are placed for adoption between countries. The Convention provides global standards to protect children being adopted and protection against child trafficking.  In addition, the Convention serves to protect children from well-meaning people who may have good intentions but are ignorant of the ramifications of taking an orphaned child from one country into the United States.

Another example of policy advocating for the needs of vulnerable children is the Universal Accreditation Act that was recently signed into law this year, which will take effect July 2014.  This new law requires all U.S. international adoption service providers to be Hague accredited.  This will help extend ethical and standardized adoption practices to all U.S. agencies working with children from all over the world.  It also includes prosecution for unethical adoption practices.   Gladney will continue to advocate for laws that advocate for ethical and highly professional adoption practices.  Children deserve loving, safe, permanent homes and the Gladney Center for Adoption will continue to fight for these inalienable rights.

Since the Gladney Center for Adoption’s inception in 1887, we have placed over 30,000 children in permanent and loving homes.   Once a local adoption agency, the Gladney Center now serves families around the country and children around the world.  Gladney is a recognized leader in domestic and international adoption, maternity services, family support services and humanitarian aid projects around the world.  For more information about Gladney, please log onto  The heart and soul of our mission is –Where Hope is Born.




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