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Pregnant and Chose AdoptionI am from Katy, Texas, but at the age of sixteen I found myself living far away in a little city called Lake Charles, Louisiana.  This was a difficult time for me because my boyfriend and I just found out I was pregnant.  My boyfriend had a suspicion that something was going on and bought me a pregnancy test.  He was right.  Shortly after taking the test the positive sign popped up and I knew that I was going to have a baby.  I still have this test in my box of Gladney possessions.  We then went to a clinic that then confirmed we were most definitely having a baby.

                The first people we decided to tell were his parents.  During this conversation we were told that my boyfriend’s mother had a son that she had placed for adoption when she was younger.  This was how the seed of adoption was planted into my mind.  I cannot remember exactly how I came to the Gladney Center but am thankful every day that I did.  The first time I arrived at the Gladney Center, my grandmother brought me, and had given me a Teddy Bear to comfort me in this decision.  This Teddy was with me during my labor and now sits on my bed at home.  

                I was given several profiles of families to choose between.  I narrowed it down between the top two.  One family was a husband and wife who were a doctor/lawyer team.  This of course sounded amazing but, for me, seeing that they had a nanny did not set well with me.  I just personally felt that one reason for my choosing adoption was to place this baby with a family who would be with this baby versus being raised by a caretaker.  The family I chose was a husband and wife who both worked in photography.  They were perfect.

                I went into labor in the middle of the night-seems to always happen that way.  I was taken to Harris Methodist after the doctor confirmed it was time for me to go.  Shortly after arriving my water broke and I was given Pitocin to help with the labor.  By this time, it was morning, and we decided to call my mother, who just happened to be out shopping.  It seemed like it took no time for her to rush from Katy to Fort Worth to be by my side.  All I remember was being in pain and my little sister coloring pictures for me to try and make me happy.  After eighteen hours the doctors decided the best route would be a C-Section.  I remember the fear of being in the operating room alone, but when they took her out and I heard her cry and saw her reflection in the silver lamp above me, I just felt this wave of relief and pure joy.   This was when I found out she was a girl. 

                The first time I saw her through the glass at the hospital I was in love.  I remember placing her at Gladney with the adoptive parents.  We wrote letters between us all through her eighteen years.  The family sent me a locket, which I still have, to remind me of the gift I had given them.

Pregnant & Chose Adoption                Through the years of letters between us I found out that my daughter did well.  She went to college and graduated in engineering.  This was interesting because my grandfather had also received his engineering degree.  She is now going for her Master’s and is also engaged.  My favorite picture that I have of her is that of her on her college graduation day hugging her mother.  I now have two biological children; however, when asked I always state that I have three children. 

                My daughter was placed with the best parents one could ever want their child to have.  I will never regret my decision and know in my heart that she received the best life one could hope for their child.  One day soon she and I plan on meeting and becoming more active in each other’s lives. 

                I know that without Gladney none of this would have happened.  I love Gladney and all it stands for.   I was able to graduate high school because of Gladney and receive my GED.  I was also able to attend Tarrant County College and gain college credit there.   I finally watched the movie and read the book about how Gladney was started—Edna Gladney would be proud!

Missie, placed her daughter for adoption in 1991

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