Adoption Stories by Gladney - Why Adopt? Part 3

Why Adopt? (Part 3 of 4)

One couples mental, physical, emotional and spiritual struggles in making and sharing our life-long decisions to adopt children.

These two encounters reminded me of a quote that our youngest daughter expressed to me over the phone recently.  “Grace is a lot like glitter ~  just when I think I have exhausted the supply, I find more in the most unexpected places.”  The love of these two people for their children was so evident and unmistakably genuine.

Another couple, dear friends, had just adopted their second child and I was telling the mother how happy I was for the children and for them.  She said, “Well it was the most selfish thing we’ve ever done”.

I am sure that many times I groveled with the question, “How deep is the love that I am capable of giving”?

Our friends, unbeknown to each of them, had planted seeds for serious consideration in my mind.  Now these seeds were beginning to root in my heart.  Were Bill and I capable of unconditional love for the duration of a lifetime and forever?

I began realizing that usually our love for another is in response to the one showing love to us.  I think in my heart I knew that if a newborn infant wrapped its little fingers around my finger, I would be hooked.

I cannot say at what point in time that we decided to drive to Ft. Worth and apply for our first little boy.  It was several months and many more travailing prayers after my exploratory surgery.

Bill and I made our first of fourteen trips, and 600 miles round trip for each visit, to finalize the adoption of our four children.  At least four of these trips were made by the adoption agency’s placement worker.

We chose to use the agency that our friend recommended which was solidly professional and upon our first encounter, merited our complete trust.

The background check of the birth parents, as well as the adoptive parents, was quite extensive.  The child’s welfare and best interest is obviously the agency’s first concern.  They want each child to grow up in an environment in which he or she will be comfortable and can excel.

In our family, our oldest son and youngest daughter have my husband’s coloring; brunette.  Our middle two, a son and a daughter, have mine; blonde.  We adopted our children approximately two years apart, and each came to live with us at one week to two and one half weeks old.  Ours were all closed adoptions (which was the standard when we adopted years ago).


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