Adoption Readiness Guide

Are you ready to begin the adoption process?


We know that the path to choosing adoption is different for each family, and that for some the decision has been difficult.  At Gladney we know that adoption is a lifelong journey.  We are here to support you during every step of your adoption experience, so we have prepared this Readiness Guide as a first step.  Please take a moment to reflect upon your decision to choose adoption. This worksheet is for your personal use only. These questions are designed to help you, so please answer them honestly:

  1.              Why do you want to become parents?
  2. Do you and your spouse share the same desire to have children?

  3. If infertility has been an issue for you, do you feel like you have worked through your feelings?

  4. Do you feel that you are finished with infertility treatments and procedures?

  5. What impressions do you have of women who place their children for adoption

  6. Why are you considering adoption?

  7. Do you and your spouse share in the desire to adopt a child?

  8. What do you see as the greatest advantage of adopting a child?

  9. What concerns/fears do you have about adopting a child?

  10. Do you have strong support for the idea of adoption?

  11. How does your family feel about your desire to adopt a child?

  12. How do your friends feel about your desire to adopt a child?

  13. Are you financially ready to being your adoption process? (Take a look at Gladney's Adoption Finances page).  To learn more about Gladney's Domestic Adoption Programs and to view the adoption fees, please request an Adoption Information Packet online or by calling 800.687.3097.




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