Adoption Education Presentation for Youth Groups

From the beginning, Gladney has been a leading voice for improving the lives of children, birth parents and adoptive families. Each year we work with churches, social service agencies and school-based programs to educate women about the alternative of adoption. We're committed to helping people understand the adoption process and the positive alternative it can be for young women facing unplanned pregnancy.

Dear Youth Director,

Greetings from Gladney! 

As a member of the religious community, you have the opportunity to reach out and educate others about the choices available to women who may experience an unplanned pregnancy.

That is why the Gladney Center for Adoption is proud to offer FREE adoption education presentations to you and your youth group. The information presented will include recent changes in adoption practices and Gladney's services for birth parents.

Every year, approximately 1.1 million teens become pregnant. About half of these women will choose to single parent, 48 percent will terminate their pregnancy and finally 2 percent will choose an adoption plan.

It is Gladney's hope that young women from your congregation will never face an unplanned pregnancy. However, statistics indicate that unplanned pregnancies will likely occur in your community; therefore please let us educate you and your congregation on the selfless, loving option of adoption.

The information provided in the presentation includes my personal testimony, recent changes in adoption practices, information on how to talk to your congregation about adoption and the services Gladney offers to birth parents and adoptive parents. Gladney offers a variety of presentations to fit your needs. Presentations can be held at your place of worship or at Gladney's campus offering a first hand look at the maternity home and the nation's only adoption museum.

If you are interested in receiving an adoption education presentation, or additional packets of information, please contact me at (817) 922-6073 or at Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


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