Have You Ever Wondered What It's Like To Be Adopted?



Margot, a Gladney intern, shares her story of what it's like to be adopted in a recent blog post, "What It's Like to be Adopted".

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Adoptions By Gladney - A Complete Family


A Complete Gladney FamilyIn January 2015, our family became complete. After having adopted our boys in 2011 and 2013 through Gladney, we didn't realize that an integral part was missing until last Fall when out of the blue, our caseworker called with news of our birth mom. Five months later, our little princess arrived and we have been smitten ever since!

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Meet Our AdoptED Team -- Kerry


Kerry TobarKerry received a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development and Family Studies from Texas Tech University in 2000. She spent fourteen years in the classroom as a teacher in FWISD and was chosen Teacher of the Year in 2007. Kerry joined the Gladney Center for Adoption in 2015 and is thrilled to work with such an amazing organization.

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Meet Our AdoptED Team -- Ginny


Ginny ManleyGinny received her Master’s Degree in Family Psychology at Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas.  She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has worked in a variety of settings, mostly with teenagers in crisis situations.  Through her work with teenagers, she noticed a need for preparation and education to prevent unneeded crises.  She believes knowledge is power.

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AdoptED Highlight


by Guest Blogger Ginny Manley

I want to share how awesome and creative high school students are.  AdoptED is such an impactful program that reaches students in all walks of life and I am so proud to represent Gladney day in and day out in our local high schools. 

In one of the lessons, we discuss the different types of adoption and then have students create a video based on what they’ve learned.  Below is a video that one of the groups from McKinney North High School created. Enjoy and Happy National Adoption Month!

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Reviews & Ratings of Gladney Center for Adoption


Read what others are saying about Gladney Center for Adoption online:

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#myadoptionstory - Forever Linked Together


Forever Linked Together . . .

Always Connected Through Gladney

#MyAdoptionStoryWe adopted our son from Gladney in 2010. When we started talking about another child, there was never a doubt we would go through Gladney again.

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AdoptEDGladney Center for Adoption is excited to present AdoptED. This program was born through a collaborative effort of both community leaders and Gladney staff who believe that education is empowerment for students to be able to navigate their futures, goals, and dreams. AdoptED is designed to address the issues of teen pregnancy and school dropout rates, while offering factual information about adoption as one option to an unplanned pregnancy.

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#myadoptionstory - Favorite Traditions


#My Adoption StoryMy husband Matt and I adopted our daughter, Emma, 3 years ago!  We just celebrated her 3 year anniversary for her finalization.  It is one of our very favorite traditions!  We make "Texas cookies" (sugar cookies in the cutout shapes of the state of Texas,  longhorns, and a cowboy boot) in honor of where she made her debut!  Then we decorate them.  We light a special candle,  have our meal and while we eat our cookies,  we read Em

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AdoptED In The Classroom


Find us on FacebookAdoptED is an engaging, and very dynamic program that educates students about adoption. AdoptED's goal is to empower students by learning and having fun!  This November (which also happens to be National Adoption Month), Gladney's Shauna Moore has been busy engaging with students around North Texas.  



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