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A New Year's Baby: Our Adoption Story


Little did I know December 23rd 2015 (the day before my birthday) would be life changing. I was excited to be starting winter vacation (my husband and I are both teachers). We planned on relaxing, spending time with friends and family and maybe an adventure. An adventure is what we were headed for. On my drive home I received a call from the 817 number that I always dropped everything to answer. I pulled over to answer the phone and we receive the news that we had waited to hear for so long. An expectant mom had chosen us to raise her son. Tears of overpowering joy streamed down my face.

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Adoption Success Story In Gladney's New Beginnings Program


Tyler, Texas' KLTV recently shared the before and after adoption story of siblings Dixie and Willie.  The adorable siblings were featured on KLTV's "Gift Of Love" segment sharing their need and desire for a forever family.

Gladney's New Beginnings Adoption Program assisted a forever family in finding Willie and Dixie.  Now the children are thriving and know the love of a home, family, and belonging. Play the video below to view their story.


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Happy Birth Mother's Day!


Birth Mother's Day 2015by Guest Blogger, Heather Rogers, Birth Parent Post Adoption Caseworker

On Tuesday, I had the privilege of celebrating Birth Mother's Day with 28 amazing women who have courageously and selflessly made an adoption plan for their children.  To stand in the midst of that kind of love is truly inspiring. 

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Write To Us About Your Adoption Story


Your Adoption StoryAt Gladney, we have a special place in our hearts for children all over the world. Tell us your adoption story by posting on to or emailing your story to


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Adoption Stories by Gladney - Gladney Brother & Sister


We are Gladney Brother & SisterWe entered the domestic infant program a little scared and very nervous. Our profile had been out for several months, and a birth mom wanted to talk to us. We spoke for the first time, and it was how we knew Colby was on his way! Everyone prepared to meet the following week, but Colby had other plans, and was born before we could meet.

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Our Adoption Story: David & Stacey


Our adoption journey began as many do- unsuccessful fertility treatments, failed pregnancies, dashed dreams and so many questions. David and I went to our Gladney orientation with confused and scared hearts. We walked out with a lot of information and a giant notebook filled with our next steps.

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Adoption Stories by Gladney - Gladney Siblings


Gladney SiblingsOur children are our greatest blessing. Everyday we are grateful to God, each of their birth families and the staff at Gladney for helping to make our dream of becoming parents come true. Like most transracial adoptive families, we are used to being noticed and remembered. We tend to stand out and, as expected, we get a lot of questions. The one question we get regularly is, ”Are they real siblings?”

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New Beginnings Adoption Story


My name is Mike and our son, age 13, was placed with us on June 28.  He's a thoughtful, energetic, handsome young man that we met at a Rotary-sponsored 'match event' in East Texas. I knew immediately there was something unique about that initial encounter, and several months later he was permanently placed in our home.

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Adoption Stories by Gladney - Krystin's New Beginning


Of about 30,000 Texas children living under Child Protective Services care, some 3,000 annually are permanently removed from their homes by the courts and languish in foster care awaiting adoption.  These Waiting Children are top of mind among Gladney’s 

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