Erica Andres Headshot

Erica A, BSW

Adoption Social Worker – Birth Parent Services

Victoria Azocar Headshot

Victoria A, MSW

Program Assistant – New Beginnings

Jess Alvarez Headshot

Jess A, B.A. RTVF

Videographer & Editor – Marketing

Tiffany Anderson Headshot

Tiffany A, MBA

Director, Corporate Giving and Community Engagement – Development

Heather Beasley Headshot


Vice President – Human Resources

Natalie Bowen Headshot

Natalie B, LMSW

Director of Foundation Relations & Donor Communications – Donor Relations

Emily Byford Headshot

Emily B, BMA

Adoptive Parent Caseworker – Domestic Adoption

Ivy Byun Headshot

Ivy B, PhD, LPC

Adoptive Parent Caseworker – Domestic Infant

Jane Bessolo Headshot

Jane B, CPA

Controller – Accounting

Luke Byford Headshot

Luke B

Donor Engagement Manager – Development

Kelley Benton Headshot

Kelley B, BS, Criminal Justice

Regulatory Compliance Specialist – Human Resources

Christa Butler Headshot

Christa B, LMSW

Night Residential Coordinator – Gladney Home

Raymond Best Headshot

Raymond B, BBA, MBA, CPA

Senior Vice President of Finance – Finance

Natalie Bowman Headshot

Natalie B, MSW

Birth Parent Caseworker – Birth Parent Services

Heidi Bruegel Cox Headshot

Heidi C, JD

Executive Vice President & General Counsel

Mary Chapman Headshot

Mary C

Lead Asia Program Caseworker – International

Vicki Carter Headshot

Vicki C

Program Assistant – Domestic Adoption

Rebeca Ciavarino Headshot

Rebeca C

Executive Administrative Assistant – Administration

Natasha Coleman Headshot

Natasha C

Residential Coordinator – Gladney Home

Kiante Lemons Conger Headshot

Kiante C, MSW

Post Adoption Specialist – Post Adoption

Abigail Calzada Headshot

Abigail C, BSW

Options Counselor – Birth Parent Services

Lauren Dillon Headshot

Lauren D, MSW

Adoptive Parent Caseworker – Domestic Infant

Ryan Doty Headshot

Ryan D

IT Supervisor – IT

Erin Dutton Headshot

Erin D, MSW

Regional Caseworker – Birth Parent Services

Ashley Ellington Headshot

Ashley E

Education Specialist – Education

Angie Gamez Headshot

Angie G

Receptionist – Human Resources

Elizabeth C. Garza Headshot

Elizabeth C. G

Regional Caseworker – Domestic Adoptions

Lindsay Garrett Headshot

Lindsay G, LCSW-S

Post Adoption Specialist – Post Adoption and Client Services

Nathan Gwilliam Headshot

Nathan G

Vice President & Executive Director

Shonette Greer Headshot

Shonette G

On-call Residential Coordinator – Gladney Home

Maddie Garrett Headshot

Maddie G

Night Residential Coordinator – Gladney Home

Amanda Herron Headshot

Amanda H, LMSW

Lead Options Counselor – Admissions

Jennifer Hart Headshot

Jennifer H, LCSW

Supervisor of Domestic Infant Adoption – Domestic

Tanya Houk Headshot

Tanya H

Director of Child Advocacy – Transitional Care/New Beginnings

Lindsay Hatcher Headshot

Lindsay H, LMSW

Asia Program Caseworker – International Adoption

Judy Hayes Headshot

Judy H

Adoption Adviser – New Beginnings

Karen Hillis Headshot

Karen H

Donor Database Administrator – Development

Quetta Holly Headshot

Quetta H

On Call Residential Coordinator – Gladney Home

Kimberly Hale Headshot

Kimberly H

Graphic & Digital Design Coordinator – Marketing

Ashley Johnson Headshot

Ashley J, LMSW

Adoptive Parent Caseworker – Domestic Adoption

Stephanie Juarez Headshot

Stephanie J, BSW

Program Assistant – Post Adoption/Client Services

Courtney Kearney Headshot

Courtney K, LMSW

Adoptive Parent Caseworker – Domestic Adoption

Shelly Kalina Headshot

Shelly K, LMSW

Post Adoption Logistical Coordinator – Post Adoption and Client Services

Jennifer Lanter Headshot

Jennifer L, BA Communications

Vice President, Communications – Communications, Education & Marketing

Reagen LaBarr Headshot

Reagen L

Legal Assistant – Legal

Kara Leon Headshot

Kara L, LMSW

New Beginnings Caseworker – Domestic

Mark Melson Headshot

Mark M

President & Chief Executive Officer

Yvonne Munoz Headshot

Yvonne M, BSW

Options Counselor – Admissions

Amanda Mills Headshot

Amanda M

Director of Birth Parent Services, Admissions, Gladney Home

Alex Miller Headshot

Alex M

Birth Parent Caseworker – Birth Parent Services

Tiffany Ngeny Headshot

Tiffany N, BSW

On-call Residential Coordinator. – Gladney Home

Mary Ownbey Headshot

Mary O

Human Resources Assistant/Volunteer and Intern Coordinator – Human Resources

Bill Porter Headshot

Bill P, M.Ed.

Director Post Adoption & Client Services

Megan Pleshek Headshot

Megan P, LMSW

New Beginnings Caseworker – New Beginnings

Anne Powell Headshot

Anne P

Night Residential Coordinator – Gladney Home

Donnae Pullens Headshot

Donnae P

Residential Coordinator – Gladney Home

Heather Rogers Headshot

Heather R, LPC

Supervisor, Residential Services – Gladney Home

Nancy Robbins Headshot

Nancy R

Director, Digital Media – Marketing

Claire Rodgers Headshot

Claire R

Graphic & Digital Design Coordinator – Marketing

Ann Spriggs Headshot


Gladney Home Caseworker – Gladney Home

Ella Smith Headshot

Ella S

Colombia Program – Waiting Child

Haleigh Shaeffer Headshot

Haleigh S, LMSW

Lead Birth Parent Caseworker – Birth Parent Services

Hannah Stone Headshot

Hannah S, LMSW

Adoptive Parent Caseworker & Adoption Advisor – Domestic Adoption

Jacob Strittmatter Headshot

Jacob S

Staff Accountant – Accounting

Kathy Suchon Headshot

Kathy S, MS

Lead Regional Adoption Caseworker – Birth Parent Services

Susanne Smith Headshot

Susanne S

Donor Relations Manager – Donor Relations

Lisa Schuessler Headshot

Lisa S

Vice President, Donor Relations – Development

Wendy Stanley Headshot

Wendy S, LMSW, JD

Director - Asia Program Social Services – International Adoption

Amy Smith Headshot

Amy S

Adoption Education Specialist – Education and Communication

Misty Salas Headshot

Misty S

Regional Birth Parent Caseworker – Birth Parent Services

Joe Smith Headshot

Joe S

Maintenance Coordinator

Mary Ann Stephens Headshot

Mary Ann S

On Call Residential Coordinator – Gladney Home

Stephanie Salazar Headshot

Stephanie S

Night Residential Coordinator – Gladney Home

Elizabeth Saldana Headshot

Elizabeth S

AdoptED Coordinator – Education

Bianca Smith Headshot

Bianca S, BSW

Night Residential Coordinator – Gladney Home

Jessica Tibbets Headshot

Jessica T, LMSW

Post Adoption Logistical Specialist – Post Adoption and Client Services

Kerry Tobar Headshot

Kerry T

Lead Adoption Educator – Education and Communication

Jackie Teixeira Headshot

Jackie T

Program Assistant – New Beginnings

Sue Turner Headshot

Sue T

Program Assistant – Domestic Infant

Ismael Teron Headshot

Ismael T

Video/Production Supervisor – Communications

Gongzhan Wu Headshot

Gongzhan W, PHM

Vice President & Executive Director - Asia

Ashley Whiteside Headshot


Director of Domestic Adoption – Domestic Adoption

Glynna WIlson Headshot

Glynna W

Insurance Coordinator – Business Services

Margaret Wallace Headshot

Margaret W

Asia Programs Assistant – International Adoption

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