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Daphne Gazdagh Headshot

Daphne G

Executive Assistant

Liz Krus Headshot

Liz K


Mark Melson Headshot

Mark M

President & Chief Executive Officer

Birth Parent Services

Erica Andres Headshot

Erica A, BSW

Adoption Social Worker

Melanie Aguilar Headshot

Melanie A, MSW

Birth Parent Caseworker

Natalie Bowman Headshot

Natalie B, MSW

Options Counselor

Kaytlin Costa Headshot

Kaytlin C

Birth Parent Caseworker

Kenice Cane Headshot

Kenice C

Birth Parent Caseworker

Priscilla Louis Headshot

Priscilla L


Malea Mikeworth Headshot

Malea M, MSW

Options Counselor

Janna McDonald Headshot

Janna M

Birth Parent Caseworker

Riley Martin Headshot

Riley M

Birth Parent Caseworker

Kathy Suchon Headshot

Kathy S, MS

Lead Regional Adoption Caseworker

Child Advocacy

Lanetta Farr Headshot

Lanetta F

Community Engagement Specialist

Tanya Houk Headshot

Tanya H

Director of Child Advocacy

Heather Knight Headshot

Heather K

Community Engagement Coordinator


Luke Byford Headshot

Luke B

Communications Manager

Emma Humphrey Headshot

Emma H

Creative Content Coordinator

Katie Hurst Headshot

Katie H

Social Media Specialist

Ismael Teron Headshot

Ismael T

Multimedia Production Supervisor

Counseling Services

Brianna Arnold Headshot

Brianna A, BSW

Home Study Practitioner

Christina Autry Headshot

Christina A, M.A. Professional Counseling

Home Study Practitioner

Zulami Aguilar Headshot

Zulami Aguilar

Home Study Caseworker

Ivy Byun Headshot

Ivy B, PhD, LPC


Jennifer Garst Headshot

Jennifer G

Home Study Practitioner

Susan Jensen Headshot

Susan J

Home Study Caseworker

Kara Leon Headshot

Kara L, LMSW


Brenda Lund Headshot

Brenda L, LBSW-IPR

Home Study Practitioner

Kristin Porter Headshot

Kristin P, LCSW-S

Vice President of Clinical Services

Kati Silcox Headshot

Kati S, MA

Licensed Therapist

Kristen Slomka Headshot

Kristen S

Home Studies Supervisor

Caitlyn Ussery Headshot

Caitlyn U, LCSW

Licensed Therapist


Natalie Bowen Headshot

Natalie B, LMSW

Director of Development

Sheri Chipman Headshot

Sheri C

Prospect Research Analyst

Katie McCoy Headshot

Katie M, BBA

Event Specialist

Susanne Smith Headshot

Susanne S

Director of Donor and Family Engagement

Lisa Schuessler Headshot

Lisa S

Chief Development Officer & Executive VP Community Engagement

Hannah Sigmon Headshot

Hannah S

Donor Relations Database Administrator

Cari Tortorice Headshot

Cari T, MPA

Grants Specialist

Digital Marketing

Oakley Jones Headshot

Oakley J

Director of Digital Marketing

Domestic Adoption

Emily Byford Headshot

Emily B, BMA

Adoptive Parent Caseworker

Vicki Carter Headshot

Vicki C

Program Assistant

Abi Calzada Headshot

Abi C, BSW

Adoptive Parent Caseworker

Keisha Glover Headshot

Keisha G

Adoptive Parent Caseworker

Jessica Johnston Headshot

Jessica J

Intake Coordinator

Sue Turner Headshot

Sue T

Program Assistant

Ashley Whiteside Headshot


Director of Domestic Adoption

Facilities Management

Karen Hall Headshot

Karen H

Night Janitorial

Joe Smith Headshot

Joe S

Maintenance Coordinator


Virginia King Headshot

Virginia K

Accounts Payable/Receivables Clerk

David Maxwell Headshot


Chief Financial Officer

Jenny Schaefer Headshot

Jenny S, MBA


Glynna WIlson Headshot

Glynna W

Insurance Coordinator

Gladney Home

Cole Atkins Headshot

Cole A

Residential Coordinator

Kiara Alexander Headshot

Kiara A

Residential Coordinator

Tiffany Brown Headshot

Tiffany B

Residential Coordinator

Cheril Becker Boustead Headshot

Cheril B

Case Manager

Olivia Clausen Headshot

Olivia C

Residential Coordinator

Makenna Dunn Headshot

Makenna D

Diretha Flemming Headshot

Diretha F

Residential Coordinator

Waynette Graves Headshot

Waynette G

Residential Coordinator

Kyana Henderson Headshot

Kyana H

Residential Coordinator

Icesis Hetling Headshot

Icesis H

Residential Coordinator

Latoya Jones Headshot

Latoya J

Residential Coordinator

Gracelyn Jones Headshot

Gracelyn J

Residential Coordinator

Rachel Limberger Headshot

Rachel L

Residential Coordinator

Maliah LaCour Headshot

Maliah L

Residential Coordinator

Shelly Muncy Headshot

Shelly M

Residential Coordinator

Consuela Miller Headshot

Consuela M

Residential Caseworker

Ann Spriggs Headshot


Gladney Home Manager

Kylie Skinner Headshot

Kylie S

Residential Coordinator

Terrica Tarkington Headshot

Terrica T

Residential Coordinator

Rose Tucker Headshot

Rose T, BSW

Residential Coordinator

Gladney University

Nancy Robbins Headshot

Nancy R

Education Manager

Human Resources

Andrea Connolly Headshot

Andrea C

Chief Human Resources Officer

Stephanie Kiser Headshot

Stephanie K

HR Business Partner

Mary Ownbey Headshot

Mary O

Human Resources Assistant/Volunteer and Intern Coordinator

Amanda Turner Headshot

Amanda T

Compliance Manager

Information Technology

Ryan Doty Headshot

Ryan D

IT Supervisor

Brant Robbins Headshot

Brant R

IT Support Specialist

Gilbert Rodriguez Headshot

Gilbert R

IT Support Specialist

International Adoption

Mary Chapman Headshot

Mary C

Lead Asia Program Caseworker

Diana DeGroot Headshot

Diana D, LMSW, MBA, TBRI Practitioner

Interim Vice President of International Adoption & Executive Director, East Coast Operations

Lindsay Hatcher Headshot

Lindsay H, LMSW

Asia Program Caseworker

Wendy Stanley Headshot

Wendy S, LMSW, JD

Director - Asia Program Social Services

Gongzhan Wu Headshot

Gongzhan W, PHM

Vice President & Executive Director - Asia

Leta White Headshot

Leta W, MSW

Asia Program Assistant

Legal Services

Heidi Bruegel Cox Headshot

Heidi C, JD

Executive Vice President & General Counsel

Asiana Rippentrop Headshot

Asiana R, BS

Legal Assistant

New Beginnings Adoption

Denise Creacy Headshot

Denise C, MSW


Lexie Frazier Headshot

Lexie F, BSW, MSW

New Beginnings Caseworker

Jennifer Hart Headshot

Jennifer H, LCSW

Director, New Beginnings

Cynthia Polman Headshot

Cynthia P, B.Ed.

Program Assistant

Jackie Teixeira Headshot

Jackie T

Program Assistant

Isabel Yates Headshot

Isabel Y

New Beginnings Caseworker

Post Adoption

Kiante Lemons Conger Headshot

Kiante C, LMSW

Post Adoption Specialist

Stephanie Juarez Headshot

Stephanie J, LBSW

Post Adoption Logistical Specialist

Shelly Kalina Headshot

Shelly K, LMSW

Post Adoption Specialist

Bill Porter Headshot

Bill P, M.Ed.

Director Post Adoption & Client Services

Jessica Tibbets Headshot

Jessica T, MSW

Post Adoption Logistical Specialist

Adoption Education

Elizabeth Saldana Headshot

Elizabeth S

Adoption Education Specialist

Kerry Tobar Headshot

Kerry T

Adoption Education Specialist

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