Adoption Story

Focusing on Stabilization

"Our first year has been focused on stabilization. For us.  For the kids.  For the dog. Okay not really for the dog.  We have moved from having no children to becoming instant parents of three children of various ages and of various struggles.  Our children have moved from being without a family structure to having their entire worlds turned upside down as they entered the structure they lacked in the midst of having to accept a totally new reality that life will never be what it use to be.  This first year, to say it mildly, has been trying.  It has been a struggle, for all of us. And in short, we have a long way to go.  We (my husband and I) have not arrived.  We have not become the world's greatest parents.  I am sure you are shocked to know that we haven't gotten it all figured out.  What we have learned however is that God's grace has not ceased to meet us at every tear filled moment, joyous celebration of advancement, each confusing conversation, in our silent questioning, or during our boisterous laughter at the realization of just how crazy life can really be. 

God's grace has been woven into our every day and without it we would surely fail.  But through this grace we have seen Isabella, now 14, excelling in school, reading books in English, making kind and lasting friendships, and loving the game of soccer.  Emery, now 6, has allowed us to see her delightful personality that consists of great imagination, unique engineering efforts, and a tender heart toward hurting people.  Shepherd, now 5, is the life of the party, our daily news reporter, and our comic relief in most any situation.  They have all begun their adjusted to a new culture, to new schools, to new relationships and to the hope of something better. We simply remain committed to helping them reach the other side of each of those as well as to daily ask for wisdom, for compassion and for grace only Jesus can offer us."


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